At Unlocking The SpectruM We Put Family First

Since its founding in 2009 Unlocking The Spectrum has helped hundreds of children with autism meet their potential. We create individualized programs for our clients AND their families.

At Unlocking The Spectrum we go above and beyond to ensure your child is receiving everything they need to reach their goals, whether that be extra hours with our BCBAs at no additional cost to our client, training for parents, or support after you've transitioned to a school setting. We are here every step of the way and through it all are committed to making the highest quality ABA affordable for your family.



ABA therapy, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is an intensive treatment program that has been proven effective at improving socially significant behaviors, such as social skills, language and communication, reading, academics, and other adaptive living skills that your child needs to thrive.

By systematically applying principles and techniques based on the science of learning and behavior, ABA is able to teach these skills by breaking them down into concrete steps. We track data to measure the progress of your child and ensure that we are meeting our goals.

Using the principles of ABA we help our learners develop new skills, as well as to modify any problem behaviors. We do this by looking at the function, or the reason for, each behavior. The use of reinforcement is critical to an ABA program and allows us to make learning fun for your child!

How we can assist you


1-On-1 Direct Instruction

Individualized Programs

Personalized Life Skills Programming

Classroom Readiness Programs

Desensitization Programs


Individualized treatment plan for each child addressing developmental, social, adaptive, and behavioral needs.


Skills assessments allow us to develop a personalized program for your child. Assessments are done using the VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Vineland, SSIS, AFLS, BDI-2, and/or other developmentally appropriate assessments addressing communication skills, functional skills, and social skills. 


In-home BCBA consultation, which includes parent training and regularly scheduled team meetings with all members of a child’s team.


Verification of insurance coverage, as well as assistance securing insurance that will cover services under the Indiana and Texas Autism Mandates.


One on One ABA therapy provided in a variety of environments (center, home, school and/or community). 


Functional Behavior Assessments(FBA)/Functional Analyses (FA) of challenging behaviors. This allows us to develop and implement Behavior Intervention Plans, including providing training and support for therapists and families. FBAs/FAs are completed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).


Desensitization programs for dentist appointments, doctor appointments, haircuts, etc.


Other services include: social skills training, toilet training, weekly program review by a program manager, summer camps and programs, hiring, scheduling, and ongoing training of therapists, client advocacy and IEP meeting support to UTS clients, completion and submission of all billing claims.

Experienced & Friendly

Trained Professionals

Ilana Hernandez, MA, BCBA


David Henderson


Marc Baumgardt, MS BCBA

Executive Director

Carrie Cruz, MS, BCBA

Director of Training

Leslie Lynch, MS, BCBA

Clinical Director

Andrew Capezzera, MA, BCBA

Director of Texas

Mel Graham, MA, BCBA

Director of Operations

Rina Kapadia

Director of Human Resources

Courtney Pingleton, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director of Training

Brandon Brown, MA, BCBA

Assistant Clinical Director 

Destiney Turner, M.ED., BCBA

Regional Director – Seymour

Amy Fesler, MA, BCBA

Regional Director – Bloomington

Hanna Tolbert, MEd, BCBA

Regional Director – Bloomington

Maeggan Haase, MA, BCBA

Regional Director – Terre Haute

Carmen Hughes, MS, BCBA, LBA

Regional Director – Houston

Angela Stokes, MS, BCBA

Regional Director – Indianapolis

Dakotah Hardy, MA, BCBA

Regional Director – Longview

Amy Benton

Administrative Manager

Mary Lucas

Human Resources Specialist

Samantha Gregory

Intake Coordinator

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