Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year! Holiday shopping and wish lists, and what should I get them?!

Well, we asked our team what toys they would recommend for the children with Autism on your list and we have some ideas for you! These are some favorites from our centers, as well as some info on the skills that each of these toys promote.

Train of Thought Game

Social and communication skills

Pancake Pile-Up Game

Visual perception, match to sample skills, social skills, and fine motor skills. Now that’s what we call a pile up!

Cause and Effect Toys

play skills, fine motor skills

Doll House

play skills

Sooper Water Beads

Fine motor skills, and a great choice for sensory play!


fine motor and problem-solving skills

Water Doodle Mats

Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color and shape perception, great for side-by-side play!

Marble Run

Encourages goal-setting, spatial thinking, and hand-eye coordination

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