Autism Friendly Fall Activities To Do At Home

Although many fall plans have changed this year due to the pandemic, we wanted to provide you with a few fun sensory-friendly activities your child can enjoy from home. Have fun!

1. Paint and decorate pumpkins

  • Pumpkins are a major symbol of fall and carving them is often a yearly tradition for many families. Start off by letting your child pick which pumpkin they would like to decorate or paint. Allow them the opportunity to choose which items they would like to use for turning their pumpkin into a masterpiece! If they choose to carve the pumpkin, use this as an opportunity to incorporate their senses: touching the slimy-gooey mess, smelling the aroma of pumpkin, seeing all of the seeds they remove from the inside, and even tasting the seeds once they are baked. Once your child has completed their project, use their masterpiece as a decoration around the house that they can be proud of!

2. Make pumpkin pie playdough

  • The smell of pumpkin pie is a staple for the fall time. This activity can have your house smelling delicious while your child enjoys making their very own playdough. Usually we say playing in food is bad, but for this activity we will let it slide! All the recipe calls for is simple ingredients found in your pantry: all-purpose flour, salt, pumpkin pie spice, yellow and red food coloring, and water. With these five simple ingredients, your child can stay entertained for hours having fun.

3. Bake yummy fall treats

  • Baking is a fun way to incorporate all five senses. Give your child the chance to choose what type of dessert they would like to make. Whether it be pumpkin pie, apple crisp, pumpkin shaped sugar cookies or even their own pumpkin seeds that came from carving, it can be a fun activity that tastes even better! You can measure the ingredients and let them take charge of mixing. Or if they prefer to be the professional taste tester, that is okay too 

4. Create your own at-home apple orchard

  • We know that going to crowded spaces right now can be scary. We also know that taking a trip to the apple orchard during the fall time is tradition to a lot of people. Who says you can’t bring the apple orchard to your own backyard! There are many ways to still enjoy your favorite activities in the comfort of your own home. Create a backyard apple bobbing station by placing apples in a large bucket of water. Have your kiddo fish out the green and the red apples separately using a net, or even let them get a little wet by grabbing them with their hand. You can also make an at-home hayride by placing straw in your child’s wagon. If you are craving a caramel apple, incorporate that into your at-home apple orchard day by making them together! Your child can still enjoy many fall festivities from the safety of your own home.

5. DIY fall crafts

  • Completing a task from start to finish can be rewarding in many ways! Let this time at home be an opportunity for your child to create a beautiful piece of art. You can encourage them to pick their favorite leaves found in your yard. Make sure you have non-toxic glue and guide them on how to place the leaves on the canvas or piece of paper you are using. If your child is not into carving pumpkins, do not worry! Give them a plain paper plate, construction paper and non-toxic orange markers to make their very own pumpkin! There are many ways to incorporate nature into your fall activities and what a better way than to spend some time with your child at home.

6. Make smores by the bonfire

  • There is no doubt that bonfires are a must in the fall! Sitting around the fire wrapped up in a sweater while roasting marshmallows is such a fun thing to do during autumn. If your child does not react well to the fire, there are always other alternatives you can use instead, such as the microwave or even your oven! Do what is the most comfortable and safe way for your child. Bon Appétit!

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