A Day In The Life Of A Registered Behavior Technician At Unlocking The Spectrum

“I chose to become an RBT to help children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder gain a better quality of life through teaching coping, daily living, and social skills.”

– Chiffon Warner

At Unlocking The Spectrum, incredible children and amazing staff walk through the doors each day. Chiffon Warner and Katelyn Yates, both certified Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) at Unlocking The Spectrum, are nothing short of astounding! To learn how they began their journey’s as RBTs, follow below to hear their testimonials!

Chiffon Warner

“I chose to work with children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder because I believe that all children deserve a fair chance in having a quality of life. I love that I can see the clients’ progress in learning different skills over a period of time. For example, observing a client who originally only uttered sounds to now hearing the client form one to two word sentences makes my heart so incredibly proud! The training/credentialing process to become a RBT with Unlocking The Spectrum is very thorough. Unlocking The Spectrum uses various strategies to train and prepare future RBTs for credentialing. My day-to-day life at Unlocking The Spectrum involves organizing a variety of behavioral goals to implement, having fun with my client in client-led activities, and teaching my client how to complete skills such as coping (taking deep breaths), daily living (handwashing) and social skills (greeting others) to the best of their ability. I think Unlocking The Spectrum does a great job of training staff with proper implementation of a clients’ Behavior Intervention Plan and answering any questions related to Applied Behavior Analysis one may have”.

Katelyn Yates

 “My original plan for my professional career was to get my master’s in speech-language pathology. While going to Indiana State University, the curriculum educated us on other professionals we would encounter if we were to work in a school setting. An RBT was one of the professionals we discussed and that is where my interest started. After I earned my bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology, I started to look for job opportunities that would encompass the skill sets that I had while allowing me to work with children to achieve new skills. With choosing to become an RBT, I have the opportunity to make a positive change in a child’s life which involves learning how to communicate, but it also allows me to teach other skills which is so rewarding. My day-to-day life at Unlocking the Spectrum never feels the same! Every day I am trying to help my client reach their goalsThere are so many ways to help children reach their goals, and there are so many different goals for all of the children that come into the center. With all of these goals, I always have a different day at Unlocking the Spectrum. I chose to work with children who needed help to live their best life. It just so happens that I am happiest working with children who have autism. The best part for me with working with kids who have autism is seeing them achieve their goals. It’s an incredible feeling to see a child appropriately asking for something new, greeting a peer, writing their name, or brushing their teeth independently for the first time when they struggled with those skills previously. It’s a very rewarding job where you enable a person to reach goals that would have been impossible for them to reach on their own. Unlocking The Spectrum does an amazing job supporting their employees and helping both the clients and staff reach their goals!”

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