A Day In The Life Of A Registered Behavior Technician At Unlocking The Spectrum

“I never dreamed of being a Registered Behavior Technician, but here I am and loving every minute of it!”

– Crystal York

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) at Unlocking The Spectrum are vital to the company and clients. UTS is surrounded with amazing employees who are passionate and hardworking, much like Crystal York is. To learn more about Crystal’s journey as an RBT at UTS, continue reading below!

“It’s crazy how life works and how people end up with the careers they have. My original plan was to become an elementary education teacher, but obviously my path took me to a different place! While I was in college, I started working as a teacher’s assistant in a special needs classroom. I worked mostly with students with Autism. This is where I learned that the world of ABA existed. ABA really sparked an interest in me, but at that time I wasn’t aware that a person could have a career in ABA. A few years later, a career working at Unlocking The Spectrum as a Registered Behavior Technician was brought to my attention. Boy, am I glad it was! Being a Registered Behavior Technician is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have! I love seeing my clients reach their goals! It is truly amazing to see a client who has had trouble verbally communicating saying his or her first word or achieving a goal that was previously a struggle. Every day as a Registered Behavior Technician is different. That is one of the things I love the most about working at Unlocking The Spectrum! Unlocking The Spectrum is great at making sure the Registered Behavior Technicians have the support and training they need to be successful. In return, if the Registered Behavior Technicians are successful, the clients are successful too!”

Unlocking The Spectrum was created with the mission of making ABA therapy accessible to ALL children with autism by providing the highest quality ABA therapy services to areas of need. At Unlocking The Spectrum, we believe that an effective ABA program is an essential component in allowing children with autism to reach their maximum potential.

To learn more about becoming an RBT with Unlocking The Spectrum, please click here.

To learn more about the services Unlocking The Spectrum provides, please click here. 

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