A Day In The Life Of A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst At Unlocking The Spectrum

https://unlockingthespectrum.com/careers/Unlocking The Spectrum is surrounded with amazing children, families and staff every single day and Courtney Pingleton and Angela Stokes, both Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), are nothing short of phenomenal! To learn more about Courtney and Angela’s journeys to becoming leaders in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field, check out their stories below!

Courtney’s Journey

“Unlocking The Spectrum does a great job of individualizing client treatment. Our clinicians go above and beyond to ensure client goals are focused on their individual needs. I chose to become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst to further my career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis after starting as an ABA Therapist. As an ABA Therapist I gained a passion for the clients and seeing them progress in all skill areas. I wanted to further my education to help more clients achieve their goals. Additionally, prior to becoming a BCBA, I was certified at the Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst level where I gained a lot of experience training new incoming ABA Therapists. This role also contributed to my decision to become a BCBA to step into a larger leadership role and to help other staff members develop their skills and passion for the field. My advice to anyone interested in becoming a BCBA would be to work in the field of ABA to develop the foundational skills of the role. I believe working as an ABA Therapist, Team Leader, BCaBA, and BCBA as I grew in my career allowed me to become a more well-rounded BCBA and leader. I love my job because of the clients and staff. Our clients are so much fun and it is such a joy to work with them and see their progress day-to-day. I chose to work with children with autism because they are exceptional! They teach me as much as I teach them and I believe in all their potential and want to do all I can to help them meet their goals. Our staff is also a reason why I love my job. We have a great team atmosphere here and we all have the same passion and mission for our clients.”

Angela’s Journey

“I began in the field of teaching and my original plan was to become an elementary education teacher. I then found a love for teaching kids with different needs and landed a job teaching a self-contained class with students who were mostly diagnosed with autism. I worked with a BCBA during my time as a teacher and began to fall in love with the field of ABA. The advice I would give to someone wanting to become a BCBA would be to start with experience from the ground up. You can research many different programs and ask around to see what schooling options would be the best route for you. As a BCBA, every day is different. Sometimes I am training and supervising therapists and other days I am implementing direct therapy, writing reports, reviewing data, and updating programs. There is no day that is the exact same. There is so much I love about my job, including working with the kids and the staff at Unlocking The Spectrum. UTS does a great job selecting the right personalities that fit the culture of the work environment. They look for individuals who are caring, accepting of feedback, and are willing to do the best they can for the clients. Everyone who works here, works here for the kids and does so in the most professional manner possible.”

Unlocking The Spectrum was created with the mission of making ABA Therapy accessible to ALL children with autism by providing the highest quality ABA Therapy services to areas of need. Research, conducted over the past 60 years, has shown ABA therapy to be the most effective treatment for children with autism. In fact, ABA therapy is the only therapy endorsed by the Surgeon General as an effective treatment for autism. At Unlocking The Spectrum, we believe that an effective ABA program is an essential component in allowing children with autism to reach their maximum potential.

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