5 Sensory-Friendly Activities To Enjoy This Spring

Spring has arrived which means it is time to head outdoors for some much needed fun! We have created a list of five different outdoor Spring activities you can do with your child. Enjoy!

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a staple for any spring day! This experience allows your child to express their feelings or thoughts into a beautiful masterpiece in the great outdoors! You can practice shapes, colors, numbers, letters and more with this simple activity.

Don’t worry! If your child does not enjoy the feeling of chalk on their hands, we have you covered! You can find Chalk Holders that will hold their chalk so their little hands don’t get covered.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Explore the great outdoors by incorporating a fun sensory-friendly scavenger hunt into the day’s activities. You can incorporate nature into your scavenger hunt by looking for different items to put into your child’s basket. Show them the different colors and textures of items that come straight from the great outdoors! Should you want to plan a scavenger hunt on a rainy day – no problem! Walk your child throughout the rooms of your home to search for specific items they can pile into their basket! You can use this experience to help build language skills while combining elements of sensory learning into the activity.

Outdoor Game Day

Outdoor games can be fun for anyone! You can spend your time outdoors playing games such as follow the leader, blowing bubbles, hide and go seek, cloud watching, hopscotch, etc. These activities include skill development while bonding with your child!

Picnic Time

Enjoy a nice snack outdoors or spend your time gazing over a favorite book! Have your child bring a few of their favorite items, whether that be food or toys. Grab a blanket and some pillows and head outside for some Vitamin D!

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden incorporates teamwork, skill building, introduction to different textures and smells, and independence. Take the time to introduce the difference textures to your child should they be weary of the dirt. You can include gloves into the activity should they be comfortable wearing them. Don’t have a garden?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can find a five-gallon bucket and punch small holes in the bottom for drainage. Paint the bucket their favorite color or have them put little handprints on it to decorate. Then place some gravel on the bottom, fill up with dirt, plant the item you’d like to grow and that’s it!

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